Terms of service.

1. General Terms of service.

  1. By purchasing a service from me you agree to my terms of service.
  2. I reserve my right to change my terms at any time without notification.
  3. Failure to comply with my terms of service will have your product terminated.
  4. The TOS were last changed 22/05/2019. (DD/MM/YYYY)

2. Services.

  1. I reserve my right to cancel any commission without refund if any of the terms are broken.
  2. I reserve my right to keep screenshots of the product for my portfolio.
  3. I reserve my right to not proceed with requested changes if they are too difficult.
  4. Your access will be revoked until the commission is completed and the payment has been completed.
  5. Once the commission has been completed, the client is the rightful owner of the files, code and database.

3. Privacy Policy.

  1. https://doublethepsycho.com/ does not collect any data from you.
  2. Any information shared privately will be kept between you and I.

4. Payments and Purchases.

  1. Refunds will not be given after the commission has started.
  2. Removing "items" from a pricing plan will not affect the price.
  3. Chargeback, disputes or other refund methods will result in:
    • Your product being terminated.
    • A paypal case will be started.
    • A scam report will be filled.
  4. I reserve my right to change my prices without notification.
  5. I require 100% payment before starting the commission.

5. For service teams.

  1. If a client contacts me directly, I will accept the commission privately.
    • The client will be asked once to keep the commission within the team. If they decline, I will accept it.
  2. If the client does not have hosting, I will share affiliate links.
  3. I work for the CEO, other staff have no power over me. (Such as demotion or dischargement.)
  4. I will not claim any commission with the budget marked as "Quote".
  5. 50% of the commission price must be paid to me before I start the commission.
    • I have had several teams scam me with this one, this is my assurance that I'm getting paid.