About us.

Let's start with an introduction.

Hi, I'm Stefan, I also go as "AcidTripzzz".
I'm the CEO and only employee at DoubleThePsycho.
I'm a 20 year old stoner from Norway, Europe.
I have been working with web development since the age of 17, when I started learning HTML from my friend Foxxite.

A year or so later I got an interest in XenForo, and started learning that.
Since then I've been making themes, rewriting addons and managing sites using it, XenForo is my favorite web-software.

A list of websites owned and managed by me;

What do you do all day?

I work as a carpinter 3 days a week, I'm in the yard chair department.
All other days I work from home with web development, or wasting time.

I watch some Netflix and YouTube, maybe enjoy a joint to some chill music.
I also like to draw, cook, or trip on psychedelics if the time allows it.

Most of the day I'm just daydreaming while listening to Spotify.
Check out my playlists if you're interested:

Out of everything, you chose web development?

Yeah, web development has always seemed pretty interesting to me, I just thought it would be too difficult and didn't consider it before Foxxite got me into it.
I started learning HTML and CSS not long after I turned 17, then jumped over to PHP half a year ago.

It's not because I love web development, cause I fucking hate it. It's a bit of a brainteaser sometimes, yet it's easy to read and write. It also distracts me from the horrible world we live in, how fucked up this generation is and how screwed we all are. And because I enjoy helping people with little to none experience in web development.

That and because I suck at every other language, I tried Java, Python, GML, and JavaScript, none of them worked for me.